All in family package, including three different rope loops and two tubes unique powder

from €23.95


The family package contains two tubes of the unique MegaBellen powder wich is indispensable for making professional soap bubbles. With two tubes of powder you can make approximately 20 liters of soapy water, which equals hours of fun. You will of course receive the recipe. So no complicated formulas or endless ingredients, but your own professional suds for gigantic bubbles within minutes. Easy right?

In addition, you will receive a single, triple and Quadruple rope loop in three different colours, including mounting material (hooks, eyes, glue and instructions.

  • Two tubese of unique MegaBellen powder with which you make 10 liters of soap for gigantic soap bubbles
  • Three different handmade rope loops (approximately 70-90 cm wide) of specially selected hollow braided cotton in three different colours
  • The rope loops are equipped with hooks and comes with eyelets and glue (for the sticks) and an attachment instruction
  • Can be attached to your own random (bamboo) sticks (not included)
  • The MegaBellen powder comes with a unique MegaBellen recipe